The Business Development Manager will help us expand our clientele. He/she will be at the front of the school and will have the dedication to create and apply an effective sales strategy.

He/she will identify, develop, build, manage & deliver business development sales targets for School's, management of relationships with new & existing clients, generation of new sales leads, & maintaining relationships with new contacts/parents, develop & implement event-related sales & marketing initiatives to drive revenues & profit within the guidelines set & followed by the school.

He/she will also be responsible for the management of the school’s social media platforms



  • First degree or its equivalent in any discipline, preferably in Marketing or any Business Management courses
  • Minimum of seven (7) years relevant experience of which at least three (3) must have been at a managerial level.

Competencies and Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of Marketing
  • Possess the drive, enthusiasm, and determination to communicate with leads
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Good knowledge of leading practices in brand and social media Marketing
  • Detailed oriented, sound organization and time management skills
  • Demonstrated and proven sales results
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Self-motivated and self-directed
  • Experienced at compiling and following strict budgets
  • Ability to expand the school with new sales, clients, and territories
  • Ability to analyze data and sales statistics and translate results into better solutions
  •  High sense of responsibility, accountability, and dependability
  • High integrity and ethical standards
  • Ability to determine which platform is best suited for each piece of content
  • Organizational and analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent IT and project management skills
  • Timeliness of reports, communication, tasks, and outcomes

Principal Duties & Responsibilities


·         To plan, develop and implement a strategy for business, marketing, and operational development so as to meet the agreed School development and improvement plans within agreed budgets and timescales

· To provide strategic advice and guidance to the Governing Body, the Principal and leadership team on business, marketing, and operational matters

· To monitor, review and evaluate all business, marketing, and operational issues, opportunities, development plans, within agreed formats and timescales.

· To embody the principles, values, ethos and vision of the school in assisting the Principal and leadership team to formulate policy that will ensure high quality financial and marketing outcomes.

· To lead the development of outstanding business and marketing practices in the school that promote the business and enterprise specialism such that successful links with the business community are forged and developed for the benefit of the school

· Develop a level of business activity that generates significant income, effective linkages to business leaders to support curriculum development and drive inward investment for the school

· To create and foster relationships with the world of business that support curriculum developments and experiences for the students of the School

· To exploit opportunities for members of the ‘community hub’ to learn business and enterprise skills so that they may contribute positively to the local community’s regeneration and raise the profile of the school as a center for business development

· To be responsible for all marketing and advertising affairs of the school

· To be responsible and accountable for the monitoring and evaluating of marketing systems and processes so that the school’s marketing affairs are safeguarded

· To ensure that the school staff are supported with high-quality professional development and training which contributes to its development and achievements

· To ensure that marketing and business management provides the resources for the school to realize its ambitions and provide value for money

· To define and establish robust service standards and supplier performance management systems for all operational delivery and lead a program of continuous improvement to safeguard and enhance service performance across the school

· To ensure that the school is fully compliant with all legal, contractual, business, marketing and insurance requirements

· To maintain awareness and knowledge of contemporary business development and inform the leadership team accordingly

· To place the school at the cutting edge of research, policy and practice in the transformation of education/business links

· To participate and lead in Performance Management arrangements


·         Generate new clients & business relationships to ensure new business & projects are identified

·         Propose options to management regarding price/options margins to ensure that the management is supplied with industry related information when deciding on setting competitive prices.

·         Manage strategic alliances & partnerships by securing corporate/ business relationships through effective client management & analysing joint ventures/partners to identify & ensure best suited options for school

·         Lead the business development unit according to set objectives & initiate market analysis, review process ensuring that the senior management team are kept fully up to date with relevant information

  • Preparing sales contracts; following company rules and guidelines
  • Building trust and long-term relationships with clients/customers
  • Managing records of sales, revenue, and other important data
  • Making professional decisions in a fast-paced environment
  • Cultivating positive interactions and relationships with team leaders and managers, and executives to evaluate sales strategy and results

Marketing and Media

This role will help in raising the visibility and brand awareness of the school by carrying out an effective marketing and communications plan in order to attract new students across the School’s portfolio, publicize the strengths of the school and promote the profile of the School as a whole to external audiences.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Oversight of Website including design and generation of content. 
  • Ensuring that website content is up to date and appeals to potential parents and students. 
  • Responsible for ensuring increase in website traffic and monitoring of traffic. 
  • Examinations and admissions information: Updating the website with all examinations and admissions information.  

Social Media

  • Management of all the school’s social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn). 
  • Creating online/social media communities that promote the school’s brand.   


Working in collaboration with the Director of Admissions and Examination to:

  • Market the school through various channels with the objective of achieving annual student intake projections. These channels will include:
  • Present to potential parents and students at identified feeder schools 
  • Presentations and representation at relevant educational and other fairs and exhibitions
  • Identification of target parent clusters and marketing the school accordingly 
  • Marketing the school nationally to identified feeder schools–in person and through other means of direct communication.   

· Webinars for international prospective parents and students.

  • Webinars for international prospective parents and students.
  • Preparing and delivering content for marketing presentations. In addition to physical presentations, responsibility for preparing presentations in other formats such as video for online use and for marketing to remote or distant target schools and parent groups.
  • Responsibility for building relationships with target feeder schools and Parent Teacher Associations of such schools.  
  • Generating and maintaining a database of contacts for marketing purposes.
  • Production of marketing and informational communications such as newsletters for delivery through various platforms including email and social media. 
  • Ensuring that Key School Information (KSI) such as core values, student population, staff strength, academic performance highlights, curricular offered, facilities and school’s physical size are easily accessible on all the school’s platforms. 
  • Responsibility for developing an annual marketing plan as determined by the school’s priorities. This will involve close liaison with the Director of Admissions & Examinations. The Marketing Plan will be submitted through the Principal for approval by a select committee of the board.  

Public Relations and Branding:  

  • Media and Press liaison and relationships: Ensuring that the correct narrative about the school is in the media. 
  • Interaction with PR agencies on the school’s behalf under the direction of the Chairman or other designated member of the board. 
  • Ensuring key school events are adequately and appropriately publicized. 
  • Management of the school’s brand.  


  • Involvement in all the School’s events
  • Ensuring the school’s key events get significant publicity mileage

Alumni: Integrating and giving additional visibility to Alumni activities, news, and success stories through the school’s platforms

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