How You can make $1,000/week with minimal effort online

You can make $1,000/week with minimal effort online if you know, But most people don't know.

Here're 4 resources to learn these for free and make money:

1. Canva

2. ChatGPT

3. Notion

4. Gumroad 

Build a digital product using these tools I mention above and print money.

Canva for designing and template creation.

ChatGPT for researching and writing.

Notion for documenting and sharing

Gumroad for selling your products

Adobe Express to craft stunning videos

Learn them here:

1. Canva Resource: Canva design school t is completely free. Here you can learn anything related to Canva. Elements, fonts, colors, logo design, and website landing pages, etc.

Try it here:


2. ChatGPT A resource to learn ChatGPT for free:…

You can leverage this resource and learn the basics of ChatGPT promoting and writing.

Try it and become a pro-ChatGPT user.


3. Notion Resource on YouTube: v=IrIAmq80VEE&list=PLuJCSkbX9W56nhlV3pnvYJJilXyA0w-ka…

A playlist of videos that can teach everything you need to know to become a pro Notion user. Create products with Notion. I create my guides using Notion. You can create digital planners and other templates.


4. Gumroad Resource on YouTube:

Other platforms:

You can create products using Canva, and Notion, and sell them on Gumroad.

I use Gumroad to sell my digital products for free. No initial fee.