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Halifield has broken the barriers that a traditional Nigerian Education placed on learning. With the use of technology, virtual learning environments, a more diversified curriculum, and a thriving skills acquisition program; the school’s mission to develop a global-minded and well-rounded individual has been achieved again and again over the years. With the training and re-training of staff locally and internationally, by the school and by staff themselves, the collective reserve of knowledge is amazing.

At Halifield Schools, excellence is a habit, not an act. We are always able to find diamonds in the mud. We take time to upgrade, update and modify so that the vision is achievable.
Working in Halifield helps you grow your capacity to thrive and shine. It gives you the opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated.

School Locations
Preschool and Elementary School - Lekki Phase 1, Lekki
Preschool, Elementary and College - Maryland, Lagos

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